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    • 20 AUG 14
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    Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Showed a 30% Reduction in Heart Attack and Stroke

    A study conducted by University of Sydney that was published in Diabetologia looked at 10,000 people with Type II Diabetes and used the drug fenofibrate to treat the disease and examine the impact on the range of lipoprotein’s and triglycerides (circulating blood fat) which is known to increase cardiovascular events and stroke. In women that

    • 23 JUN 14
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    Results From a 15 Year Diabetes Prevention Program-Lifestyle is Key!

    In the Diabetes Prevention Program study that was published in the 2002 New England Journal of Medicine participants that were at a risk of developing diabetes were randomized to three groups: lifestyle intervention, preventative metformin (this is a medication used to reduce blood sugar in diabetics), and the placebo group. The results are as follows:

    • 28 MAY 14
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    Are your Daily Habits Making you a Diabetic?

    Chances are your daily habits are making you diabetic. Type II diabetes is when your body does not produce enough or effectively use insulin that is made by your pancreas. Insulin is a hormone that allows the body to convert glucose for energy and glucose comes from the foods that you eat. Obesity is usually

    • 19 MAY 14
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    Are you Still Eating High Sugar and High Refined Processed Foods?

      Research is consistently coming back and saying that eating foods that are high in sugar or products that are highly processed and refined will dramatically impact the quality of your health. Here are some recent studies and information that just might change your behavior: Diets high in added sugar increase cardiovascular risk according to